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Director Lindsay Hitchcock, cinematographer Bo Rouck, writer Michael Finnamore, and editor Dylan Murray have been an inseparable crew since working together as film students at Capilano University in 2014. The team has since won several international awards for directing and cinematography, in addition to theatrical screenings at the Just For Laughs Film Festival and the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Together, they believe in filmmaking’s unique capacity for storytelling, creating emotional impact in a way that sets it apart from other artforms.

Director | Camera Operator

Linsday Hitchcock

Lindsay Hitchcock is a director and camera operator based out of Vancouver. Graduating with honours from Capilano University’s Bachelor of Motion Picture Art Degree Lindsay has a wide range
of experience, from directing short independent films to working
in the camera department on union features. With a love for experimentation and research of technique, Lindsay enjoys
utilizing filmmaking as a storytelling medium to reveal and discover essences that simply cannot be replicated in non-visual platforms.


Bo Rouck

Bo is a Cinematographer and Director based out of Vancouver. Since attending Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts Program, Bo’s work has been nominated for multiple awards, having premiered in both local and international festivals. Bo is constantly refining his work on films, ads, live shows, and everything in between — and enjoying every second of it


Dylan Murray

Dylan Murray’s love for editing started with cutting fan trailers for popular movies. In film school, his love for editing grew as he had the opportunity to cut his talented friends’ films. Post film school, Dylan developed his skills professionally as a 1st Assistant Editor while working on union features and TV. With a love for both creative and technical aspects of editing, Dylan has been able
to implement his skills into the post-production workflow of
Section 4 Films.

Writer | Director

Michael finnamore

Michael Finnamore is a writer, director and comedian based out of Vancouver. Since graduating from Capilano University’s Motion Picture Arts program, Michael has strived to create unique content with an emphasis on humour and a distinct, subversive point of view. He has written, directed, and co-produced numerous short-form projects, including the award-nominated film, “Breaking Down the Wall” which debuted at the 2019 Vancouver Just for Laughs Film Festival. Michael just wishes to let people find laughter in the strangest of places, and to dispel the notion that people’s online bios are just written by that same individual talking about themselves in the third person….which would just be weird.

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